To help you take advantage of online opportunities to build your professional knowledge, the MSAP Center offers this list of webinars. To learn more, click on the link at the end of a description to go to the sponsoring organization’s website.

How to Create a Boundary-less Classroom that Promotes Student Development

Organization: Magnet Schools of America
Date: February 17, 2016
Time: 1:00-2:00 PM EASTERN
Registration: Individual registration is required to participate in this webinar
Description: This presentation will feature the 2015 National Magnet School Teacher of the Year, William Daniel from Boone High School in Orlando, Florida. For the past 23 years Mr. Daniel has served as the Director of Boone High School’s National Academy of Finance Honors Magnet Program; an award winning program that has been recognized for its ability to teach and promote financial literacy. Bill holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida (UCF), serves as the school’s IRS Vita Site Coordinator and leads the Central Florida Educators’ student-run federal credit union. Learn more

Managing People, Data, and Processes to Foster School Improvement

Organization: National Association of Elementary School Principals
Date: February 25, 2016
Time: 4:00-5:00 PM EASTERN
Registration: Individual registration is required to participate in this webinar.
Description: Rick DuFour frequently laments that our schools are data rich and information poor. How does a principal manage people and use data to inform practice to ensure accountability to student achievement? In this webinar, our goal is to have principals describe how they manage these three key components; people, data, and processes with the end goal in mind of school improvement. Learn more