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IFTE's Summer Conference: Common Ground Global Reach

Organization: International Federation for the Teaching of English (IFTE)
Date: July 6-9, 2015
Location: New York, NY
Description: The 4th CEE summer conference will occur in collaboration with The International Federation for the Teaching of English (IFTE), an organization comprising the national English teaching organizations of IFTE member nations. As a member of IFTE, CEE is pleased to host the IFTE Conference in 2015 in conjunction with our bi-annual summer meeting. The conference will be held in New York City at Fordham University’s beautiful Rose Hill campus in the north Bronx. The conference begins Monday, July 6, at 5:00 pm, and concludes Thursday, July 9, at 3:00 pm. Learn more

STATS-DC Data Conference, "Strong Uses for Strong Data"

Organization: National Center for Education Statistics
Date: July 8-10, 2015
Location: Washington, DC
Description: The 2015 NCES STATS-DC Data Conference is an opportunity for professional networking, updates on federal and national activities affecting data collection and reporting, and information about the best new approaches in collecting, reporting, and using education statistics. The conference will include training and business meetings for state Common Core of Data (CCD) and EDFacts data coordinators. There will also be a range of informative sessions targeted toward interests in CCD, data collection, data linking beyond K-12, data management, data privacy, data quality, data standards [Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) or other standards], data use (analytical), data use (instructional), EDFacts, fiscal data, and Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) as well as information about changes in how the U.S. Department of Education collects and uses data. Learn more

Sharing Our Stories: Re-visioning Our Worlds Reading, Writing, and Taking Action

Organization: National Council of Teachers of English
Date: July 9-11, 2015
Location: Atlanta, GA
Description: The 26th Literacies for All Summer Institute celebrates the 25th anniversary of the first WLU conference in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1990.  The conference theme, Sharing Our Stories: Re-visioning Our Worlds, invites us to share stories of wonder and frustration as we explore language and literacy learning and teaching. We will reflect on whole language as a part of the historic tapestry of progressive education, democratic schools, and critical literacy.  Our work builds upon the foundation put into place by our mentors and leaders, but the creative work of teachers involves constantly re-visioning the potential of holistic learning communities, informed by the most current research and thinking on language education.  This conference invites educators to come together and explore issues through conversation and social action. Learn more

AASA Collaborative Summer Conference

Organization: American Association of School Administrators
Date: July 26-28, 2015
Location: San Antonio, TX
Description: Whether you work in recruitment, admissions, enrollment, retention, student success or IT, Hobsons University is a valuable and affordable conference for any college, university or institution using Hobsons solutions. The conference provides an opportunity for you to learn from institutions that are successfully using Hobsons solutions.  As an added benefit, presentations from Hobsons’ staff will provide you with the chance to learn about the future direction of Hobsons solutions.  We are expecting approximately 1,000 attendees.  Learn more

MSAP Summer Writing Workshop

Organization: Magnet Schools of America
Date: August 19-20, 2015
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Description: This highly acclaimed two-day writing workshop, hosted by MSA every three years, is designed specifically to address the next cycle of the Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) Grant!

With current grantees entering their third year, MSA has selected the training dates of August 19 and 20 in nearby Silver Spring, Maryland, sponsored in partnership with Discovery Education. The workshop is limited to 55 attendees.

This is the time to "get ready" and join your colleagues and highly qualified MSAP presenters in anticipation of the MSAP Grant announcement. Invited are experienced professional grant writers, evaluation specialists, district and school-based practitioners. Learn from the experts on developing an MSAP Application, topics such as: Interpreting OCR's guidance on the use of race and recent court decisions; Eligibility, commitment, and capacity; Selecting schools, themes, and planning the curriculum; Marketing and selecting students; Budget and resources; Leadership and staff development; Performance measures for an effective evaluation plan; and Writing your own grant. Learn more

NAME’s 25th Annual International Conference

Organization: National Association for Multicultural Education
Date: October 1-4, 2015
Location: New Orleans, LA
Description: In 1990, NAME was founded by a group of individuals that came together united by passion and vision for multicultural education to create an organization that would celebrate diversity, as well as challenge the existing social inequities. It has been the legacy of NAME to be an advocate for social justice issues in education. NAME has been nationally recognized as one of the premier organizations focusing on social justice issues for all individuals and groups. NAME serves as a forum for scholars, practitioners, and students in both global and national origins to discuss their concerns regarding human relations. Additionally, NAME is a public voice and political advocate in many issues involving social inequalities. Learn more

AMLE Annual Conference

Organization: Association for Middle Level Education
Date: October 15-17, 2015
Location: Columbus, OH
Description: The most valuable and comprehensive professional development opportunity in the world for any person working with students ages 10–15. Top reasons to attend are: Go home with activities to use in your school or classroom the very next day. Discover new ways to engage your students and increase achievement. Learn intervention strategies that help struggling learners catch up. Learn about Common Core Standards and how they impact what you do in your classroom. Receive practical solutions from 600 leading presenters in middle level education. Attend more than 300 sessions in 60 topic areas. There really is something for everyone! Receive hands-on instruction in the Classroom 2.0 Technology Sessions to increase achievement. Get personal attention from the experts in the 20-minute Speed Learning Sessions. Learn more

Twelfth Annual AERA Brown Lecture in Education Research

Organization: AERA
Date: October 22, 2015
Location: Washington, DC
Description: Teresa L. McCarty, a professor of education and anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles and professor emerita at Arizona State University, has been selected to present the 2015 AERA Brown Lecture in Education Research. McCarty’s research and teaching focuses on language education policy, indigenous/language minority education, youth language ideologies and practices, critical literacy studies, and ethnographic studies of education. Her book, “To Remain an Indian”: Lessons in Democracy from a Century of Native American Education, won the AERA outstanding book award in 2007. Learn more

Area Conference Science and Literacy: Creating Connections!

Organization: National Science Teachers Association
Date: October 22-24, 2015
Location: Reno, NV
Description: To help you make the most of the professional development opportunities available at the Reno conference, the Conference Committee has planned the conference around three strands that explore topics of current significance, enabling you to focus on a specific area of interest or need. Learn more

ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership

Organization: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Date: October 30-November 1, 2015
Location: San Diego, CA
Description: Every year, school leaders like you flock to the ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership because they know it's where they can meet with their peers to hear from experts, share ideas, and reflect on their own leadership performance. This meeting promises to: Explore the connection of school leadership to student achievement. Add important new ideas to your leadership knowledge base. Connect you to the top leaders in school districts across North America, and around the world. Renew your resolve to have your best year ever. Learn more