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AMLE Annual Conference

Organization: Association for Middle Level Education
Date: October 15-17, 2015
Location: Columbus, OH
Description: The most valuable and comprehensive professional development opportunity in the world for any person working with students ages 10–15. Top reasons to attend are: Go home with activities to use in your school or classroom the very next day. Discover new ways to engage your students and increase achievement. Learn intervention strategies that help struggling learners catch up. Learn about Common Core Standards and how they impact what you do in your classroom. Receive practical solutions from 600 leading presenters in middle level education. Attend more than 300 sessions in 60 topic areas. There really is something for everyone! Receive hands-on instruction in the Classroom 2.0 Technology Sessions to increase achievement. Get personal attention from the experts in the 20-minute Speed Learning Sessions. Learn more

Twelfth Annual AERA Brown Lecture in Education Research

Organization: AERA
Date: October 22, 2015
Location: Washington, DC
Description: Teresa L. McCarty, a professor of education and anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles and professor emerita at Arizona State University, has been selected to present the 2015 AERA Brown Lecture in Education Research. McCarty’s research and teaching focuses on language education policy, indigenous/language minority education, youth language ideologies and practices, critical literacy studies, and ethnographic studies of education. Her book, “To Remain an Indian”: Lessons in Democracy from a Century of Native American Education, won the AERA outstanding book award in 2007. Learn more

Area Conference Science and Literacy: Creating Connections!

Organization: National Science Teachers Association
Date: October 22-24, 2015
Location: Reno, NV
Description: To help you make the most of the professional development opportunities available at the Reno conference, the Conference Committee has planned the conference around three strands that explore topics of current significance, enabling you to focus on a specific area of interest or need. Learn more

Equity Summit 2015: All in for inclusion, justice, and prosperity

Organization: Promise Neighborhoods Institute
Date: October 27, 2015
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Description: By 2043, people of color will be the majority population in the United States. To realize our nation’s full potential, the choices we make today—about education, transportation, infrastructure, the justice system, health, jobs—must emerge from the wisdom of local leaders and be driven by equity: just and fair inclusion.
Equity Summit 2015 will ground inclusion, justice, and prosperity in the urgent issues of today and connect them to the creativity and bold vision of the equity movement. Advocates from Ferguson to New Orleans, Minneapolis to New York, and all points in between, will be part of interactive panels, tours, and in-depth, skills-building sessions that showcase how local leaders can impact policy change. Equity Summit 2015 will forge powerful partnerships for building an equitable and prosperous nation. Learn more

ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership

Organization: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Date: October 30-November 1, 2015
Location: San Diego, CA
Description: Every year, school leaders like you flock to the ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership because they know it's where they can meet with their peers to hear from experts, share ideas, and reflect on their own leadership performance. This meeting promises to: Explore the connection of school leadership to student achievement. Add important new ideas to your leadership knowledge base. Connect you to the top leaders in school districts across North America, and around the world. Renew your resolve to have your best year ever. Learn more

2015 AECT International Convention - Accelerate Learning: Racing into the Future

Organization: Association for Educational Communications and Technology
Date: November 3-7, 2015
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Description: Accelerate Learning: Racing into the Future includes hundreds of peer reviewed and invited sessions representing the latest in research, contemporary trends, and best practices across broad professional applications in the field of educational technology. Veterans and novices, practitioners, researchers, and theorists from our field come together in this program to support your efforts to accelerate learning! Learn more

Technical Assistance & Training Conference

Organization: Magnet Schools of America
Date: November 7-8, 2015
Location: Washington, DC
Description: Attend the annual fall technical assistance and training conference in Washington, DC at The Embassy Suites at Chevy Chase Pavilion to learn how to create, sustain and improve magnet schools. Sessions will also focus on magnet best practices in marketing & recruitment, budget and leadership needs. This is a great opportunity for schools and districts (MSAP grantees, non-grantees, future grantees) to brainstorm and network with colleagues in the magnet community. Learn more

MSAP Project Directors Meeting

Organization: Magnet Schools Assistance Program
Date: November 9-10, 2015
Location: Washington, DC
Description: This meeting is an excellent opportunity for current and past MSAP grantees, the wider magnet school community, and other school choice and diversity experts to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas with peers and experts in the field. Sessions will generate ideas on programmatic sustainability, the evolution of magnet schools, and how magnets can help meet the challenges of our country in the 21st century. Session topics will include sustaining family and community support; understanding how desegregation efforts impact students, schools, and communities; and improving STEM magnet programs. Learn more

Area Conference in Philadelphia: Revolutionary Science

Organization: National Science Teachers Association
Date: November 12-14, 2015
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Description: To help you make the most of the professional development opportunities available at the Philadelphia conference, the Conference Committee has planned the conference around three strands that explore topics of current significance, enabling you to focus on a specific area of interest or need. Topics include: Revolutionizing Engineering for the Future, Integrating Literacy Strategies to Revolutionize PreK–12 Science Instruction, and Technology: Teaching Revolutionary Science in the Digital Age. Learn more

Alternative Accountability Policy Forum 2015

Organization: Education Northwest
Date: November 15-17, 2015
Location: San Diego, CA
Description: Join the Reaching At Promise Students Association in sharing practices and learning about improving outcomes for critically at risk students – those we call At Promise students. Hear from nationally recognized experts and from your colleagues in schools across the country who focus on authentic life changing education and career development for students who are at risk of dropping out or have previously dropped out. Join the forum that provides cutting edge research, extensive opportunities for collaboration, and opportunities to build advocacy networks across the country for serving at promise students.

The Fourth Annual Alternative Accountability Policy Forum promises to build on a deep foundation of policies and practices to make sure that students and schools are provided relevant measures of success. Join colleagues from New York to California, Florida to Washington, Ohio to Arkansas. Learn something new. Share something important. Learn more